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Written by Nikitas Magel   

Connection.  Understanding.  Truth.  Awareness.  Metaphor.  One might argue that many of the things winemakers learn in the process of tending to vines and crafting their wines are those which consumers themselves might also be inspired to explore as they experience the numerous facets and dimensions that great wines have the potential to convey.  For just as any artisan-driven endeavor, the process and products of winemaking are but a reflection of the human condition. v

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Renie Steves said:

Cuisine Concepts
Terrific article. You have a talent for drawing the best out of people. I like reading the emotions of day-to-day living because it makes the interviewees come to life. Good job!
08 September 2009 | url
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Nikitas Magel said:

I really appreciate your positive feedback. Interviewing people in the industry overall is immensely satisfying. In this particular case, it was fantastic to get a great group dynamic going!
08 September 2009
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