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Occasionally, I come across websites that pique my curiosity as to what's going on "under the hood."  In those cases, I often wish the site owners would share at least some of the information behind what it took to build those sites.  So, in the interest of indulging those who are so inclined…

The Vinikitas intro page was designed in Adobe Flash using film footage of vineyards in Slovenia, that I procured from iStockPhoto.  The music I chose is a track called "Above The Clouds" by Cell from their 2006 recording on the Spanish island of Ibiza, called Live at Kumharas.  The core of the main Vinterviews site is comprised of the Joomla! content management system, showcasing a front-end theme template acquired from RocketTheme, which I tailored and color-customized myself.  After having graduated from the powerful, yet limited, WordPress, I felt Joomla! was a perfect fit, empowering me to publish my writing and mediate other externally-sourced content in the most efficient, effective, and frankly stylish manner.  Portraits on this page were taken by Nicolas Smith, a freelance photographer working and periodically exhibiting in San Francisco.  Photographs accompanying Vinterviews articles were procured primarily from the photo archives of respective wine producers or service-providers and from iStockPhoto.

For the foreseeable future, tangible copy will be the dominant platform for disseminating information.  But, in my opinion, there will come a day when online content management systems will allow the internet to surpass the prominence of physically printed media.  In the meantime, I'm choosing to indulge that distant reality by presenting my own content only online… for now. v